Jodi Picoult Books: What Reading Order Is Best?

You have  3 choices when choosing the reading order for Jodi Picoult books:

  1. By Publishing Date
  2. The Most Recent Half
  3. No Order At All: Complete Chaos

Want To Read Jodi Picoult Books In Order Of Publishing Date?

I recommend this order myself.

  1. Songs of the Humpback Whale (1992) [Amazon]
  2. Harvesting the Heart (1993) [Amazon]
  3. Picture Perfect (1995) [Amazon]
  4. Mercy (1996) [Amazon]
  5. The Pact (1998) [Amazon]
  6. Keeping Faith (1999) [Amazon]
  7. Plain Truth (2000) [Amazon]
  8. Salem Falls (2001) [Amazon]
  9. Perfect Match (2002) [Amazon]
  10. Second Glance (2003) [Amazon]
  11. My Sister’s Keeper (2004) [Amazon]
  12. Vanishing Acts (2005) [Amazon]
  13. The Tenth Circle (2006) [Amazon]
  14. Nineteen Minutes (2007) [Amazon]
  15. Wonder Woman: Love and Murder (2007) graphic novel [Amazon]
  16. Change of Heart (2008) [Amazon]
  17. Handle with Care (2009) [Amazon]
  18. House Rules (2010) [Amazon]
  19. Sing You Home (2011) [Amazon]
  20. Lone Wolf (2012) [Amazon]
  21. The Storyteller (2013) [Amazon]
  22. Leaving Time (2014) [Amazon]

Are You A Very Recent Addict to Jodi Picoult Books And Want To Know What To Read Next?

I suggest you jump right right into My Sisters Keeper (2004) [Amazon] and read forward from there (I mean, progress to her newest novels and leave her older ones behind).

The reason is, that’s about the time Jodi Picoult starting getting a serious following, and, as with all authors, she really found her writing style groove after her first 10 novels.

If you get through that dozen, perhaps you could go right back to where it began with Songs of the Humpback Whale (1992) [Amazon], and read forward from there again.

Chaos: Don’t Care About The Reading Order For Jodi Picoult Novels?

That’s ok!

It makes it a bit tricky for keeping track of which ones you’ve read, but Jodi Picoult wrote them in such a way that each story exists on it’s own.

There are only a handful of references to previous characters and some books have no references at all. So if your reading style is chaos, then go for it.

As for me, I like publishing order starting from the middle of the list and reading forward.

What about you? Have you read all the Jodi Picoult books? In what order did you read them?

Have you only recently got addicted to the Jodi Picoult novels? What’s your plan for reading order?

3 thoughts on “Jodi Picoult Books: What Reading Order Is Best?

  1. Sheldon, thank you very much for stopping by my post about the Jodi Picoult reading challenge (which will remain open now indefinitely!). Interestingly, I started by reading My Sister’s Keeper, and have read a few others which were published after that, so I have followed your advice, “starting from the middle of the list and reading forward“.

  2. Thought Small Great Things was my favorite till I read Lone Wolf! Then I just finished Salem Falls and can’t get those characters out of my mind! Just wondering what to read next??

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