Robert Crais Books: What Reading Order Is Best?

Robert Crais Novels

Best reading order for Robert Crais books?

You know that moment when you’ve drifted from book to book reading only 5-10% of each? You wish each will be better than the list but finally you realise it won’t so you put it down. You pick up another book expecting to be disappointed, but this time… you are revitted. The writing style keeps you engaged. The story is exciting!

That happened to me when I picked up my first Robert Crais novel, Chasing Darkness (2008). I was hooked.

This book marks the beginning of the Joe Pike subseries where the following books are more from his characters point of view.

I’m on my 3rd in 2 weeks and I’m not slowing down. Like Pike, once I know what my mission is, I committ to getting the job done.

The other primary character is Elvis Cole. He’s a private detective, who thinks he’s funny. He has a small role in the Joe Pike subseries I’m reading at the moment, but is the central character is many of the other books in the series.

If you like Jack Reacher from Lee Child, you’ll love Joe Pike from Robert Crais.

I’ve started with book #12 and I’m moving forward from there in the subseries and then I’ll go back to book #1.

As for a reading order for Robert Crais books, I propose you do the same. Start with book #12 as I have done and move forward from there. Enjoy!

Robert Crais’s Elvis Cole / Joe Pike Books In Publishing Order

  1. The Monkey’s Raincoat (1987) [Amazon]
  2. Stalking the Angel (1989) [Amazon]
  3. Lullaby Town (1992) [Amazon]
  4. Free Fall (1993) [Amazon]
  5. Voodoo River (1995) [Amazon]
  6. Sunset Express (1996) [Amazon]
  7. Indigo Slam (1997) [Amazon]
  8. L.A. Requiem (1999) [Amazon]
  9. The Last Detective (2003) [Amazon]
  10. The Forgotten Man (2005) [Amazon]
  11. The Watchman (2007) [Amazon]
  12. Chasing Darkness (2008) [Amazon]
  13. The First Rule (2010) [Amazon]
  14. The Sentry (2011) [Amazon]
  15. Taken (2012) [Amazon]
  16. The Promise (2015) [Amazon]
  17. The Wanted (2017) [Amazon]
  18. A Dangerous Man (2019) [Amazon]

Other Robert Crais Novels (not in the Cole/Pike series)

  1. Demolition Angel (2000) [Amazon]
  2. Hostage (2001) [Amazon]
  3. The Two Minute Rule (2006) [Amazon]
  4. Suspect (2013) [Amazon]

Your Thoughts?

Are you a huge fan? Have you just begun reading the books?

Which order is best?

Have your say in the comments below.

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