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Hi, I’m Sheldon Nesdale and I love great authors.

For me, a great author is one that writes book after book after book of un-put-down-able stories.

When I find a book I like, that’s a good sign to me that I’ll like everything that the author has written in the past, and will write in the future. (That’s what I hope anyway).

Sometimes that author will be a one-hit wonder and I’ll get tired of their style and stop reading their books 🙁

But often, the very best authors have an addictive style and they keep churning out the hits one after another. Yay! 🙂

I find myself doing a Google search to find a list of all the books an author has written. Their Wikipedia page is usually the best source for that list.

But often, the first book of theirs I came across was in the middle of their bibliography somewhere so my first question is “what should I read next?”.

Do you find yourself thinking questions like these?

  • “Should I jump right back to the very first book they wrote?”
  • “Should I continue forward instead and come back to those older books later?”
  • “Are there characters common between books or does each book standalone?”
  • “Are there triology’s that I’d enjoy more than individual books, so I should start there?”

I had to figure out these questions myself, because I couldn’t find a website that tried to answer these questions.

The websites I could find were just lists of books in publishing order (very similar to list on Wikipedia), so they weren’t very helpful. There was no advice for newly-addicted readers like me.

So I created my own resource instead.

BestReadingOrder.com is where you can figure out the best reading order for the most popular authors on the planet.

Here’s the list of authors so far. If I don’t have your favourite author yet, suggest I add your favourite author here.

Go ahead and use my links to Amazon for your purchases, because as an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from your purchases, so thank you for using my links.

I hope you find my site useful. Happy reading!


Sheldon Nesdale
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