John Grisham Books: What Reading Order Is Best?

John Grisham’s writing is very stable.

If you read his first book The Firm (1991) and then Rogue Lawyer (2015), the only thing you’ll notice is the technology that the characters used has changed (from phones and faxes to mobiles/email/internet).

You will barely notice a shift in writing style.

He’s been a gripping writer all the way through.

You may be aware that he writes in 2 styles: Legal stories and non-legal stories.

I like his legal stories more. Even though A Painted House (2001) is fantastic, some of his others were not quite as interesting (sorry John if you are reading this!).

Therefore, if you are a new addict of John Grisham’s novels I propose this order:

  1. His legal stories first (in publishing order)
  2. Then his Jake Brigance and Theodore Boone series
  3. And then, just for fun, have a go at his non-legal stories after that

John Grisham Stand-Alone Novels (In the legal Genre)

These novels can be read in any order really, but I prefer the analytical option of completing them in order of publishing date.

  1. The Firm (1991) [Amazon]
  2. The Pelican Brief (1992) [Amazon]
  3. The Client (1993) [Amazon]
  4. The Chamber (1994) [Amazon]
  5. The Rainmaker (1995) [Amazon]
  6. The Runaway Jury (1996) [Amazon]
  7. The Partner (1997) [Amazon]
  8. The Street Lawyer (1998) [Amazon]
  9. The Testament (1999) [Amazon]
  10. The Brethren (2000) [Amazon]
  11. The Summons (2002) [Amazon]
  12. The King of Torts (2003) [Amazon]
  13. The Last Juror (2004) [Amazon]
  14. The Broker (2005) [Amazon]
  15. The Innocent Man (2006) [Amazon]
  16. The Appeal (2008) [Amazon]
  17. The Associate (2009) [Amazon]
  18. Ford County (2009) [Amazon]
  19. The Confession (2010) [Amazon]
  20. The Litigators (2011) [Amazon]
  21. The Racketeer (2012) [Amazon]
  22. Gray Mountain (2014) [Amazon]
  23. Rogue Lawyer (2015) [Amazon]
  24. The Whistler (2016) [Amazon]
  25. The Rooster Bar (2018) [Amazon]
  26. The Reckoning (2019) [Amazon]
  27. The Guardians (2019)  [Amazon]

John Grisham Series

It’s nice to read these books in their intended order, I recommend starting with the Jake Brigance series and then moving onto the Theodore Boone series.

  1. Jake Brigance
    • A Time To Kill (1989) [Amazon]
    • Sycamore Row (2013) [Amazon]
  2. Theodore Boone
    • Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (2010) [Amazon]
    • Theodore Boone: The Abduction (2011) [Amazon]
    • Theodore Boone: The Accused (2012) [Amazon]
    • Theodore Boone: The Activist (2013) [Amazon]
    • Theodore Boone: The Fugitive (2015) [Amazon]

John Grisham Novels (Outside Of The Legal Genre)

  1. A Painted House (2001) [Amazon]
  2. Skipping Christmas (2001) [Amazon]
  3. Bleachers (2003) [Amazon]
  4. Playing for Pizza (2007) [Amazon]
  5. Calico Joe (2012) [Amazon]
  6. The Tumor: A Non-Legal Thriller (2016) [Amazon] – Free ebook!
  7. Camino Island (2017) [Amazon]

Your Thoughts?

Are you a huge fan? Have you just begun reading the books? Which order is best?

Have your say in the comments below.