Robert Ludlum Books: What Reading Order Is Best?

Robert Ludlum (1927–2001) was an American author who also went by the pen names of Michael Shepard and Jonathan Ryder.

Robert published 27 novels that last one being published five years after his death.

I propose the following order when reading Robert Ludlum novels:

  1. Jason Bourne Series
  2. Covert-One Series
  3. Paul Jason Series
  4. Stand-Alone Novels

Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne Series

What’s special about this series of books is that Ludlum wrote the first 3 books in the series himself (which became 3 fantastic movies starring Matt Damon), and then Eric Van Lustbader took over the series following his death.

Lustbader has done an outstanding job of honouring the characters that Ludlum created and writing in the same action-packed style. Continue reading “Robert Ludlum Books: What Reading Order Is Best?”